Friday, January 07, 2005

In our way to dictatorship..again

The psychology of the masses, it is a big subject, but in my opinion the bottom line is:
If you put a really stupid man in the middle of a mass of people, the stupid one becomes their leader.
I wonder, what makes the stupid man so attractive?

This is what is happening in Romania right now and that’s the reason why Basescu a crazy-man, a maniac and a phony politician became the president of Romania.
He cultivated the idea that he’s the second coming of the Messiah of some sort, he will erase all the bad things in the country ,rivers of honey will flow down the Victoria boulevard and so on, and the worst thing is that the peoples believed him.
Blinded by flammable speeches and theatrical appearances, they are unable to see the fact that Basescu is on route to become the next Ceausescu. Fundamental laws of democracy are being crushed, and I will not be surprised if even multipartite will became illegal.

It’s all down hill from here….!


At 1:11 PM, Blogger Mihai said...

Your disertation is quite passional and probably this is a good thing. But it's not proving anything.

Even more, you make some assuptions that are not only hard to prove, but are very easy to deconstruct by a rational mind. One of them is the one about putting a stupid people in the middle of a mass of people. Just try to extrapolate this idea and you will see that, following that path, the world is slowly decaying.

I am sure you cannot agree to this.

Even more, your speech is quite too fanatical and it becomes irrational.

I would really apreciate a more rational and pragmatical one.

At 4:45 PM, Blogger justin said...

I don’t want to prove anything or change anyone’s mind. It’s not my quest….
Yet, I want to live in a society where every man’s opinion counts, a society where no one it’s allowed to rule with no respect to the law.
Regarding the “stupid people theory” … it’s very much a true fact. Actually it’s a big research going on in the USA regarding “What makes the stupid man so attractive?” since it is a phenomenon already. The guys from media are already exploiting this. Think at MTV and there show Jackass…’s just an example but there are numerous shows like that all over the world. Are they successful? Yes. The people are attracted by stupidity, and the media knows that.

As for…do I feel the world is slowly decaying?
Yes I do, that’s why I am so annoyed.

At 4:52 PM, Blogger Mihai said...

I will only reffer to your comment about MTV Jackass.

People like to see on TV or read about people that are more stupid, poorer or less fortunate than them. It's in the nature of the human being to try to be on top, and seeing others at the bottom means you are higher than them.

Still, the comment about people willing to be led by stupid people is not at all related to this. People will only follow someone they trust in. They will follow someone who shows he cares about them, they will follow someone who shares the same vision.

Being stupid doesn't make you a leader. It can get you to the first page of a newspaper, but it cannot turn you into a leader.

I agree with you that if someone says something stupid but he insists on that idea, there will be some people in the world to follow that matter how stupid it is. This kind of behaviour led to thousands of religious movements.

But this is's about opinion diversity.

Now, what you were saying about Basescu and him being popular because of being stupid...i believe it's not only something very weird, but it's also a dangerous way of thinking. Just think that more people voted for him than for Nastase...does this mean we are a nation of fools? And the miners are the good guys ?

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