Monday, December 20, 2004

I've switch to Nedit on Linux

People already exposed to modern GUIs when introduced to UNIX used to be (and still are) told to use vi or EMACS. If you complained that any product that requires you to invest hours of training just to edit text is a stinking abomination from the bottommost pits of hell and you can't even figure out how to save your document without a manual, you were told that you were wrong, you just had to hit ctrl+alt+meta+escape + the phase of the moon and write a small lisp routine without visual feedback, and that this is in fact a much more powerful and more efficient way to do things, and that GUI editors are baby's toys (since most of the ones on UNIX were)." NEdit was for those who never capitulated to this attitude, and insisted on a proper gui-based editor that works the way they were used to on other systems, with a focus on ease of use and familiarity for new users, so you could be productive right away, without sacrificing power.


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